Friday Introductions | Lady Behind the Lens

Happy Friday everyone! It’s so hard to believe that it’s already April. Time flies by when you’re having fun, right? Today I’d thought I’d do something a little different – a trend for small business owners and bloggers is a thing called “Friday Introduction”, which I’ve done on Instagram. But today, I thought I’d write a blog post to give you a little more insight into the lady behind the lens at Christine Quarté Photography. Feel free to comment at the bottom if you’d like to share your response to one of these fun questions!

What is your perfect home? I’d say an old home that has a ton of character and lots of green space for garden and flowers. Plus a nice big front porch and big windows. I love brick homes.

What’s your dream job (aside from what you do now)? Work in the video game/entertainment industry. I’ve always loved the idea of getting into that world, especially as someone who is within the creative and performing & visual arts field.

I love traveling to new places, especially nature-focused or places with history & character.

If you could hop on a plane tomorrow and travel somewhere for a month, where would it be? Japan. It’s been at the top of my travel bucket list for years, and I really hope to go soon. I’d like to see the whole country and experience the culture. I’m a big fan of Japanese food, culture, music, and anime, so I think I’d really enjoy a trip there.

What’s your go to TV series? I’d have to say Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, Parks & Recreation, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Battlestar Galactica, and a handful of anime series.

Got a picture with Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff at DragonCon

What do you always have with you? My planner. And yes, I mean an actual planner, not my phone calendar. It’s pretty robust too – every year, I order a custom planner that fits my needs with weekly, monthly and blank pages. Can’t wait to start using my newest one in June from Golden Coil.

What’s your go-to snack? Peanut Butter M&M’s and a Vanilla Coke.

What’s are some of your most played songs? Hmmm… this music is going to vary. Let’s see on Spotify…

  • Heart in a Cage – The Strokes
  • The Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin
  • Spring Day – BTS
  • Breaking the Habit – Linkin Park
  • 삐딱하게 (Crooked) – G-Dragon
  • Skyrim Atmospheres – Jeremy Soule
  • Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio
  • Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz
  • Light of the Seven – Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones)
  • Save Me – BTS
  • An End, Once and for All – Clint Mansell (Mass Effect 3)
  • The Shape of Things to Come – Bear McCreary (BSG)
  • End of All Days – Thirty Seconds to Mars
  • War of Hearts – Ruelle

What’s your favorite book series? Well, of course… Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. Other book series would be “Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien and Sarah J Maas’ “A Court of Thorns and Roses” and “Throne of Glass” series.

Won the opportunity to meet Sarah J Maas, and get an autographed book.

What’s something that you will never give up on? Staying curious and pushing the boundaries. My parents taught me to be a very independent person growing up. I’m really just a girl who is curious, adventurous, and embraces change. I stay busy, and always love a challenge, and that’s something that I never want to lose the ambition to do. Continue to travel. Continue to learn. Continue to get self-fulfillment in the things I do every day.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I’d love the ability to apparate to somewhere within the blink of an eye (hopefully without losing a pinky finger). For non-Harry Potter fans, essentially teleporting.

What’s your go-to drink? For coffee, it’s Dunkin Donuts iced vanilla coffee. For a soda, it’s Vanilla Coke or Coke. For an adult beverage, it’s typically either a margarita or a glass of a sweet red blend.

What clubs were you in during school? In middle school, I was in yearbook and band playing percussion, focused on snare drum. I was actually pretty good, and could have continued on into high school, but switched schools and got involved with other clubs instead. In high school, I was in yearbook, and was an editor in my last 2 years. I was also a basketball cheerleader for 2 years, dance team for 1 year, and JROTC (automatically…). I danced at a local studio at the college as well, outside of school, focused primarily on ballet, pointe, and modern dance.

School activities from JROTC to modern dance and pointe / ballet

What’s one skill or hobby you would like to have? I own a Celtic harp and would love to know how to play. It’s on my to-do list for one day. Until then, it’s a beautiful instrument that is beautiful décor in my home.

What is the last thing you bought? Shockingly, a CD set. I like to listen to CD’s in my car every now and then, so I keep a stash in my center console.

What’s your favorite cologne/perfume? I wear two different perfumes depending on the occasion: Gucci Bloom or Marc Jacobs Decadence.

What are your go-to items in your closet? Skinny dark jeans, black PUMA sneakers, and one of my loose solid color tops, with gold jewelry. In the winter, change to an oversized sweater and combat boots.


What about you? Comment with something interesting about yourself, or an answer to one of these questions above! Have a wonderful weekend.