Exclusive Deal | Destination Weddings + Elopements

New places, new people, new knowledge. I love traveling, and wish I could do more of it. If only we could stop time, or teleport with a snap of a finger. There’s just so much to see, and so much to learn.

So I’m looking for couples who are planning a destination wedding or elopement! I’ve got a special deal for you. 

I’ve launched my new travel bucket list on my website that shares all the places I’d love to go! If you’re planning a wedding or elopement in one of those spots, I’ll offer a big discounted rate on my wedding packages!


My list for 2018/2019 includes: 

Norway / Sweden / Denmark / Finland / Iceland
England / United Kingdom / Ireland
Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon)
California Coast
New Orleans, LA
Chicago, IL

So let’s chat about your destination wedding  👉👉👉  quartephotography@gmail.com