Mages + Mermaids | Cosplay

I connected with this an awesome model in the Atlanta area for some cosplay fun at Sope Creek in Marietta. She brought her steampunk Ariel, and I brought my fire mage-inspired costume – and she rocked them both. Ashley is also a makeup artist, and did a phenomenal job on merging character look-and-feel with the dark approach we were going for. Here are some highlights from this cosplay session:

Gisela Ashborne

20170402-Ashley-Fire Mage-101
20170402-Ashley-Fire Mage-100 20170402-Ashley-Fire Mage-10220170402-Ashley-Fire Mage-10320170402-Ashley-Fire Mage-10420170402-Ashley-Fire Mage-10520170402-Ashley-Fire Mage-106

Ariel the Trinket Collector

20170402-Ashley-Ariel-10020170402-Ashley-Ariel-10420170402-Ashley-Ariel-10520170402-Ashley-Ariel-10620170402-Ashley-Ariel-109 20170402-Ashley-Ariel-11020170402-Ashley-Ariel-111 20170402-Ashley-Ariel-112